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Tyra Barabino has an increasing visible presence as an actress, writer, producer, and director. She is setting Hollywood South a blaze.


Tyra is a published poet. As a popular radio personality she co-hosted Nitelife Radio from 2014 - 2016 on WBOK 1230 AM .  

Tyra is a well seasoned actress whose beautiful eyes and southern accent captivates any audience. She has co-starred in CBS's NCIS: New Orleans as well as, guest starred in TNT's hit television series Claws. She is also featured in the "Bally Animal" documentary.  Barabino has produced two short films "Don't Judge Our Love" and "George" which premiered at the AMC Palace Theater on March 23rd 2019. She also produced a successful game show titled "My Best Friend". Barabino has also appeared in a host of projects from stage plays, to television commercials.

Among all of the things Ms. Barabino does to be the best she can be, what lies true to her heart is helping young people reach their true potential. She is one who has throughout her life been a selfless giver. "I've always been involved with the community reaching back to help kids. It doesn't matter what background you've come from, we can all find ways to give back. I think it's everyone's responsibility to find a way to give back to others, says Barabino."

Tyra Barabino also known as Tyra B  is  a true Southern Girl born  in New Orleans Louisiana raised in the St. Bernard Housing Projects in the 7th Ward in the city of New Orleans. At a very young age Barabino says she always knew she would be on TV. She would write poetry and original songs and perform them for her self-orchestrated audience.  "I would produce my own shows and my siblings, cousins and neighborhood friends would be my audience. I still remember the lyrics of my first lil song. LoL" says Tyra.

Over the years she would land small roles in elementary school plays and summer camp program performances. If Barabino wasn't performing she was involved behind the scenes helping her teachers. Barabino was an excellent athlete as well, playing Softball, Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, and Track & Field and was Homecoming Queen of her Jr. High School.


Tyra graduated from Joseph S. Clark High School in 1987. She attended Southern University of New Orleans (SUNO) before she joined the United States Armed Forces serving 8 years in the U.S. Army earning medals for her service including the National Defense Service Medal which is awarded for military service during periods of national emergency or any other periods designated by the Secretary of Defense. She also earned her marksmanship badge as a Sharpshooter for Rifle  landing 37 of 40 hit counts. 


While serving in the Army, Tyra became pregnant and gave birth to her only child Gerald in 1991. The father of her son was her high school sweetheart Gerald Williams Sr. who passed away in 2001. Barabino a single mother, worked hard to provide a good life for she and her son. She speaks often of having the support of her family and dear friends who helped her make it through the tough times. She was honorably discharged from the U.S. Army at the end of her eight years of service. She is a proud United States Veteran. 


Tyra is a survivor. When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, she and her son were with her youngest brother and his family. They were trapped for 4 days. Barabino says, nothing could have prepared her for the role of surviving Hurricane Katrina. Surviving that ordeal gave her inspiration and the audacity of hope that she can accomplish anything she set her mind to achieving. "Wading through the Katrina flood waters with my son and my little dog Peppy on my back was something unimaginable. What we saw in those flood waters on our journey to get to higher ground on the interstate was so devastating and catastrophic, all we could do is pray our way to safety." 

Tyra Barabino is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to being a Bad Girl on the screen. She still lives by the Army's motto, "Be All That You Can Be", she has her eyes on the prize and is excited about her future as an actress, writer, producer, and director.

Upon returning to New Orleans post Katrina, Tyra decided to get back on track to pursue her career in acting when she landed her guest starring roles on two major television series! She is fully focused and committed to enhancing her skills as an actress as well as becoming a well rounded and experienced creative industry professional behind the camera.


Barabino, after  27 years went back to college and in 2017 she graduated with  honors earning a  Degree in Television and Film. 

She was the Vice President of Sigma Chi Eta Honor Society and has received recognition and awards for her community service and leadership. She was beyond honored when she received the Trailblazer of the Month Award,